Best E-Cig Brands For 2015 – We Test It Before You Buy It

Best Electronic Cigarette Brands For 2015
You know what, enough is enough. The e-cigarette industry is chaotic and confusing enough as it is. First, you have the e-cigarettes that Big Tobacco companies put on the store shelves in the same places that you buy cigarettes hoping that you will choose their e-cigs out of habit. Then you have vape shops that want to sell you massive e-cigs that cost a fortune. Then you have e-cig review sites that are driven by commissions. Everyone has an agenda. Read More…

Best Ecig Rankings and Reviews for 2015

Voted Best E-Cig Brand for 2015

Vaporfi Vox 2 50 Watt Box Mod Ecig Reviews

The original VaporFi Vox 50 Watt Mod has undergone major imporvements. The result is the new VaporFi Vox 2. I have been using box mods for a long time now. They offer you a level of power and control as well as durability. Prior to doing this VaporFi Vox 2 review, I had not used a VaporFi product. I bought all of my mods at vape shops. I have bought iTaste box mods, IPVs, Innokins, Sigeleis and iSticks. All imports and all decent. Here I was buying all of these imported box mods when VaporFi was designing the best box mod right here in the USA.

VaporFi is an American e-cig brand that has designed the best box mod that I have ever used. The VaporFi Vox 2 looks gorgeous and gives me the best vaping that I have ever enjoyed. Doing this review truly opened my eyes to an American ecig company that is now, in my opinion, the best in the electronic cigarette business.

The VaporFi Vox II has a variable wattage function capable of 50 Watts. You can fine-tune the wattage setting to get the exact vapor output and flavor sensation that you want. To me, 50 Watt mods are the ideal. 100 Watt mods burn too hot and burn through atomizers like there’s no tomorrow. 50 Watts is enough to get amazing performance from even the lowest atomizer resistances.

The VaporFi Vox 2 has all of the bells and whistles. It has sophisticated technology that will accurately measure your atomizer resistance and protect your battery. The safety features prevent any thermal runaways like those that have been plaguing many imported box mods. The Vox 2 is simply a better quality e-cig product.

Vaporfi Rocket Ecig Reviews 2015

The VaporFi Rocket has landed. Don’t worry, it comes in peace! The Vapor Fi Rocket is a big e-cig that has a lot of power, variable voltage and a large e-cig tank so you don’t have to refill as often. It also produces excellent vapor. If you were to buy an e-cig this versatile and powerful from a vape shop you would be paying double the price. Don’t do it. Want power and performance, the Rocket delivers.

VaporFi is an independent American e-cigarette brand that has been designing some of the best e-cigs in the world. Because they design their own rather than rely on overseas manufacturers for their inventory, like vape shops do, they can implement the latest technology utilizing the best materials and create a product that costs far less than you would expect. The best e-cigs are not always the most expensive. The VaporFi Rocket proves that.

The Rocket from VaporFi is big, strong and gives you vapor and satisfaction. If you want an attention grabbing e-cig that produces big time vapor, the Rocket e-cig is the beast you’ve been looking for.

Vaporfi Rebel 2 Maybe The Best Electronic Cigarette

The VaporFi Rebel 2 is a big, sturdy powerful beast that is as reliable a performer as you are going to find. VaporFi is always progressing and they truly are an electronic cigarette innovator. The Rebel 2 offers you several different layers of customization options.

First, it is a variable voltage and variable wattage e-cig vaporizer that you can fine tune. The power output options range from 3 watt to 15 watts or from 3 volts to 6 volts in 0.1 increments. Adjusting the power output is quick and simple. A super clear LED screen lets you know your setting and atomizer resistance.

The Rebel tank has four adjustable airflow settings so you can perfect your draw. The adjustable ring can be changed on the fly. The performance is flawless. The atomizer life is outstanding. Better yet, you can adjust your e-liquid flow.

The ability to adjust e-liquid flow can help give you a ton of vapor, especially at higher power outputs. Increasing e-juice flow will also enable you to avoid a burnt taste or shortening atomizer life when vaping with higher power settings. If you want more vapor, you are going to love being able to adjust e-juice flow.

Overall, the Rebel 2 is an exceptional e-cig that you are going to love.

VaporFi Edge Review

The VaporFi Edge is a sophisticated, powerful yet easy to use subohm electronic cigarette kit. The advanced airflow design is an improvement that has been combined with VaporFi’s innovative adjustable e-liquid flow feature. Both of these impressive innovations represent marked advances in ecigarette technology.

The 1800 mAh VaporFi Edge battery is capable of up to a 100 Watt output. The power output automatically adjusts to the atomizer and more specifically the amount of e-liquid getting to the atomizer. The Edge automatically dials in to the perfect wattage output.

The sophistication of the features is made even more impressive by the simplicity of the function. The VaporFi Edge does not require you to go through trial and error trying to find the best vapor output. All of that work is done for you. All you have to do is relax and enjoy.

Alongside the improved technology, the VaporFi Edge features a solid, durable design that can stand up to wear and tear. With stainless steel and Pyrex glass, only the best materials went into the sturdy construction of the VaporFi Edge.

The Edge starter kit comes with everything you need to begin subohm vaping. Make sure that you use our VaporFi coupon to get a nice discount on your purchase. So go ahead, get an Edge!

VaporFi Vice Ecig Review

This is the next generation in adjustable airflow electronic cigarettes. We cover it all in our VaporFi Vice review. VaporFi is an American e-cig brand that you should be proud of because they are designing the best e-cigs right here in the US and the VaporFi Vice is the latest example of groundbreaking e-cigarette innovation that we have come to expect from VaporFi.

The Vice electronic cigarette is a totally hassle free subohm vaping system that features the Vice e-cig tank. The Vice has broken the rules and changed how we see adjustable airflow. There is no doubt that this will be setting the new standard. Best of all, when you have airflow like this, you also have colossal vapor.

The Vice comes with a monster 2200 mAh e-cigarette battery that combines power and durability. The beauty of the Vice is that it is pretty much the perfect choice for a first subohm vape kit. It is easy to use and will make as much vapor as ecigs that cost twice as much.

This is a complete subohm vape kit that you can get all-in for less than $90 when you use our VaporFi Coupon. Advanced vaping has literally never been easier, more enjoyable or more affordable.


Kanger Subox Review

The Kanger Subox Mini starter kit is the hottest selling e-cig of 2015. But big time sales do not always mean that it is the best e-cig. So is the Kanger Subox the real deal? This answer is pretty simple. It is undoubtedly the real deal. The Kanger Subox and Kanger SubTank Mini are an amazing combo and making this the year of vapor.

The Kanger SubBox starter kit comes in either white or black/red. It is a box mod that fits easily in your hand. The Subox is the perfect showcase to bring out the best on the Kanger SubTank, maybe the best ecigarette tank on the market today.

With the SubTank, you can vape any way you like it. You can use a 1.2 ohm atomizer or you can go subohm! The new and improved vertical OCC coils are phenomenal. The 0.5 ohm atomizers are going to give you serious clouds of vapor. If that’s not enough, the SubTank comes with an RBA that lets you build your own atomizer coils.

The quality and versatility of the Kanger Subox has made it the best selling electronic cigarette of the year. It is a proven performer and a value that you should not miss out on. Get yours from Vapor DNA and save 10% when you use coupon code ECA10.

V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Review Use As A Vape Pen Or As An Electronic Cigarette

The V2 Cigs Pro Series 7 is not just another e-cigarette. This is a very versatile vaporizer. It features a powerful, long lasting battery that charges quickly thanks to premium lithium ion battery technology. When I was asked to review this product I had some familiarity with V2 but not a whole lot. In my day to day life I’m an engineer and as soon as I received the Pro Series 7 in the mail I checked out the durability of the construction and the charging time to get an idea of the quality of components used. All credit to V2 eCigs, they did not cheap out on the electronics or construction, this is a very well designed vaporizer.

The Pro Series 7 allows you to enjoy multiple forms of vaping. As a standard e-cigarette that vaporizes your e-liquid, it is a premium vapor producer that allows you to set your preferred voltage so you can get the amount of vapor that suits your specific needs. It is very easy to use and thanks to V2 Ecigs innovative R&D team, the magnetic cartridge / tank attachment is not only easy to use but avoids the wear and tear that limit the life-span of other e-cigarettes.

The V2 Pro Series 7 is more than an e-cigarette. It truly is a vaporizer. It will vaporize anything! With the Pro Series 7 you can enjoy multiple forms of vaping. In addition to very effectively vaporizing the e-liquid of your choice, it will also vaporize dry herbs. Simply switch to the dry herb cartridge and you can enjoy the centuries old tradition of herbal smoking without the combustion. Perfect for medical marijuana patients. Vaporizing plant material is far more efficient and safer than burning.

You can also vaporize wax. This is a 3 in 1 vape pen. If you were to buy a comparable vape pen such as the Pax you will be paying a lot more and getting a lot less. The V2 Pro Series 7 gives you vapor, satisfaction and versatility.

V2 Cigs Ex Series Ecig Reviews 2015

V2 Cigs developed a loyal customer base thanks to its initial vaporizer product which was a standard cigalike, that is a vaporizer or e-cig that looks like a tobacco cigarette. It was a very successful e-cig but technology moves fast and so has V2 Ecigs. You don’t have to buy a bulky mod vaporizer to get excellent vapor production. Not anymore.

V2 has introduced an updated cigalike that still looks like a cigarette but has exciting new technology that has increased vapor and battery life. The V2 EX Series offers performance that few though could be achieved with a cigalike design. Many people move on to bigger, more powerful ecigs to achieve the same performance that V2 has packed into the sleek new EX series e-cigarette.

The V2 EX is a great choice for someone relatively new to vaping. The cigalike design is very easy to use and allows you to mimic smoking in both sensation and appearance. Mimicking smoking can be a huge key to helping you make the switch. The V2 EX can be used in the same way that you use cigarettes, only without the burning and 7,000 toxic chemicals, of course. There are no tanks to refill and it is roughly the same size as a cigarette rather than some of the more bulky vaporizers that you see people using these days. The V2 Cigs EX Series is great for a first e-cig or a back up vape.

Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs Triton Ecig Review Now With Variable Voltage Batteries

This was my first e-cig review and I really wanted to do it right. I have been vaping since Day 1 and I can definitely tell the difference between quality and junk. Believe me, I have wasted more money on junk than I will ever care to admit.

Before doing this review, I was definitely familiar with Halo eCig. Their e-liquid is amazing, maybe the best in the business. I have used Halo e-liquid for years but I have never actually tried their e-cigs before now so I did not know what to expect. Could the company that makes such amazing e-liquid always make an amazing e-cig? The answer is an emphatic yes.

I wish I had known about Halo e-cigs before, especially the Halo Triton. The value of this product is awesome. The Halo Triton starter kit comes with two e-cig tanks, two Triton e-cig batteries and you can choose the 650 mAh ecig battery or the 400 mAh ecig battery. There are 11 different colors to choose from and they throw in accessories on top.

The last vape pen I got was from a shop in my area where I bought one 650 mAh battery made by a popular Chinese company called Kanger. For that one battery, charger and tank that I had to buy separately I paid more than the cost of the Halo Triton starter kit that comes with twice as much and is twice as good.

The Halo Triton has to be among the best e-cigs. It is so reliable and consistent. Halo eCigs is an American e-cig brand that is making first rate vaporizers and e-liquids. I have been buying the Kanger and iTaste products for years thinking that American e-cigs weren’t as good. I consider my eyes to be opened. For far too long I have been unaware. The Halo Triton e-cig is simply excellent. It also is a perfect complement to Halo’s e-liquids. I strongly recommend the Halo Triton.

Halo G6 Review Probably The Best Long Term Value Vape Kit

The Halo G6 is a cigalike style e-cig that allows people to enjoy Halo eCig’s exceptional flavors while using a basic cigalike. The advantage of a cigalike is that it is by far the easiest vaporizer product to use. It has a two piece design that involves attaching a cartridge to a battery and then puffing on it exactly as you would a cigarette.

The Halo Cigs G6 starter kit is very complete as it comes with 2 G6 e-cig batteries, chargers, a carry case and a pack of five cartridges in your choice of flavor and nicotine level. The G6 comes in a variety of colors so go ahead and get wild if you want to. An Electric Lime colored e-cig? Why not!

In my personal opinion, going with the white color is best to start because it looks just like a tobacco cigarette and adds to the illusion of smoking. Many people disagree with me and say color doesn’t matter as long as it has the look and feel of a cigarette. That I’ll leave up to you. For my purpose, I can say that the Halo G6 e-cig is outstanding.

The Halo G6 offers excellent vapor production and battery life. Many of my vaping friends would be amazed to see how much vapor it really produces. The Halo G6 refill cartridges allow you to enjoy the famous flavor and quality of Halo e-liquids without the mess of using an e-cig tank. Halo G6 cartridges also have anti-burn technology so you won’t burn out the cartridge and end up with a burnt taste.

The Halo G6 has long-term value that very few e-cigs can compete with. Refill cartridges are sold in packs of five and cost less than $10. Compare that to a product like Vuse where you pay 33% more per cartridge and you get fewer options and far lower quality.

If you want something that looks and feels like smoking the Halo G6 is a great choice. It is light years better than any of the junk that you are going to get stuck with if you buy an e-cig from a convenience store.

Apollo Ecigs

apollo ecigs v-tube 4.0 ecig reviews of advanced electronic cigarettes

The Apollo VTube 4 is a complete subohm vaping kit that does not compromise in quality but they are giving a whole lot in value. The Apollo VTube 4.o starter kit comes with absolutely everything you need to start sub-ohm vaping right out of the box, and that includes e-liquid.

Most advanced e-cig tubes are going to cost you a lot more than the VTube. Here’s something I don’t like about vaping. You go to a vape shop and pick out an ecig tube. Great. Well, now you have to buy a battery, and of course a battery needs a charger. Now you have to buy a sub-ohm tank. Now keep that wallet open, because you are going to need some e-liquid, too. Ay yi yi! You are going to walk out the vape shop doors 200 bucks lighter than when you went in. That’s not how Apollo does things. They do not play games or try and upsell you out of your retirement savings. They give you the best price and don’t mess around.

Apollo is an American ecig brand that has been innovating since day one. They built a state of the art eliquid lab right here in the USA and they never compromise on quality. They develop leading e-cigarette technology and the Apollo V-Tube 4 is no exception. It has all of the advanced features and is capable of wattage outputs that let you customize and maximize your sub-ohm vaping experience. The Phazer sub-ohm tank is a brilliant performer and easy to use.

With our E-Cigarette Answers Apollo coupon, ECA15, you are going to get the most complete sub-ohm kit on the market for less than $120. That includes Apollo’s max VG e-liquid. Sub-ohm vaping is not for everyone. The vapor clouds are massive and you have to use less nicotine that you usually do. But if you want to try sub-ohm vaping, the VTube 4 is the way to go.

Apollo Endeavor Ecig Reviews 2015 Consistent Vaping

The Apollo Endeavor is a new ecig product from USA ecig company, Apollo eCig. Apollo used to make one of the better eGo style electronic cigarettes and when they quit making it we were left wondering what Apollo had in mind to replace it. Now we know, the Apollo Endeavor is a next generation e-cig that was released a few months ago and in its short time on the market it has set new standards.

First, let me tell you where I was coming from with my review. I am a vaper. I generally enjoy sub-ohm vaping and making huge vapor clouds. I used a mech mod that I got from a vape shop and used a drip set-up. I always keep an eGo style e-cig tank around though because you can’t always be making ginormous plumes of vapor. Sometimes you have to be practical. I expected that the Endeavor would be a very good product and perhaps a great choice for intermediate vapers and a back-up for cloud chasers. The Apollo Endeavor proved to be a lot more than that.

After testing the Apollo Endeavor for a couple weeks I have to admit to you now that it is my everyday vape. It is exceptional. I still have my mech and RDA but the Apollo Endeavor provides amazing vapor and satisfaction and it is truly easy to use. I actually blew me away. I guess it just goes to show how far e-cigarette / vaporizer technology has come.

The sad thing is that you don’t find Apollo products in vape shops. That really sucks because Apollo eCig is making some amazing quality products. Vape shops are so hung up on the idea that you have to import Kanger and iTaste stuff from China. They are missing out and I now tell them that. The Endeavor blows the doors off of anything that Kanger makes. And, the prices are so much better it’s almost unbelievable.

For less that $60 the Apollo Endeavor starter kit comes with two complete Endeavors, that is two batteries and two tanks, ecig battery chargers and two 10 ml bottles of Apollo’s USA made eliquid. By the way, I was also very impressed by Apollo e-liquid. They have built their own e-juice lab and have hired professional chemists to source the best ingredients and come up with some awesome flavors. I am 100% happy to recommend the Apollo Endeavor and Apollo e-liquid.

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke Thunder Ecig Reviews 2015

South Beach Smoke has been around since the early days of vaping. They built their name on making excellent cigalike e-cigs that at a great value. Although maybe not the Lexus of e-cigs, South Beach certainly was a lot like a Toyota Camry, very reliable and at a price that most families can afford. To this day the South Beach Smoke Ultimate starter kit remains one of the best choices a new vaper can make.

As good as the South Beach Smoke Ultimate starter kit may be, however, this is one e-cigarette brand that was not about to stand pat on one product line. South Beach has branched into some of the best vape pens and personal vaporizers that you are going to find. I am very happy to see that they did not sit by and ride on the coattails of their early success in the vaping industry. They have invested in themselves and in vaping. The result is impressive.

One of the vape pens that South Beach Smoke has developed is the South Beach Smoke Thunder mod. I just called it a mod, and before that I called it a vape pen, I know. Confusing. Don’t be. What the differences are between the names depends on who you talk to. End of the day the Thunder is an e-cig at its heart.

The Thunder is a very powerful e-cigarette with a 1300 mAh ecig battery, a 1.7 ml adjustable airflow tank, easy to change 1.8 ohm atomizers and a variable voltage function. The Thunder provides excellent vapor. It is so easy to use and I also totally enjoyed South Beach Smoke’s made in the USA e-juice. I loved the Thunder, I enjoyed the size and the power. The ability to adjust airflow and voltage worked flawlessly every time and I was able to push the Thunder to its limits and it passed with flying colors.

I am not saying that you need to push the Thunder mod to the limits to get the most vapor, it provides ample vapor at a comfortable level. As a long-time vapor though I sometimes like to push it up a notch when I am really enjoying a chocolate or coffee flavor. The Thunder is very responsive.

The price of the Thunder mod is also another home run in terms of value from South Beach. They are famous for quality and value and the Thunder provides on both counts. I recommend the South Beach Smoke Thunder as a high quality e-cig mod that offers a lot of function and versatility for a great price.

South Beach Smoke Reviews. We Look At The Deluxe Ultimate E-Cig Kit

I have been a vaper since 2012. I was a pack per day smoker for almost 10 years. In New York, the price of cigarettes was getting to be just out of control. I was spending almost $300 a month. Despite the costs, I was having a hard time quitting. When I first heard about e-cigarettes I knew it was worth a try. My first e-cigarette was South Beach Smoke. I bought the Ultimate Kit and it changed everything. I am grateful to South Beach Smoke and to vaping. I feel better and I have saved a ton of money over the years.

I wanted to do the e-cig review the South Beach Smoke Ultimate Kit because I feel very strongly that it is one the best e-cigarette starter kits to help smokers transition away from cigarettes. I have several years of experience using this kit and I feel that I can speak to its quality better than anyone. Admittedly, I have moved on from cigalikes as my everyday e-cig but I still use my South Beach Smoke e-cigs and strongly recommend the Ultimate Kit for smokers looking for their first e-cig or as a gift for the smoker in your life. Trust me, someday they will thank you.

The South Beach Smoke Ultimate Kit comes with absolutely everything you need to transition to vaping and lose the cancer sticks. You are going to get four e-cigarettes, including a pass through e-cig which is awesome, e-cig battery chargers, cartridges and a portable charger case (PCC). Not many e-cig starter kits come with a portable charger case and trust me when you have one, you use it.

South Beach Smoke e-cig refill cartridges come in a variety of flavors and nicotine levels. You are going to get a lot more variety than you will if you make the mistake of buying an e-cig from a convenience store, drugstore of gas station. You are also going to get a lot better quality.

South Beach Smoke Air Ecig Reviews 2015

The South Beach Smoke Air Mod e-cig review process lasted about two weeks. I wanted to get a good feel for it before deciding whether or not to recommend it with a positive review. Part of this process involved trying to find a back-up e-cig for me personally so this e-cig review was not only to help you decide if the South Beach Smoke air is a good choice for you, it was also to decide if it was a good choice for me.

The reason I wanted to try the Air specifically was the size. It is a very compact vape pen that fits easily in a pocket. It has a screw on cap to protect the tip clean which is great for when you carry it around in a purse or pocket.

I did have some leaking issues. When you carry an e-cig around in a pocket it is going to be jostled around and when I would take the cap off there would often be some e-liquid that had spilled into the cap. That part was annoying because of the mess factor but when I vaped on the South Beach Air, I have to say that it was pretty good.

You can’t replace coils so when the tanks burns out you need to replace the whole tank but the costs are pretty low so it’s not a major concern. The battery life is solid for such a small e-cig battery.

The real plus of the South Beach Smoke Air is the price. At less than $30 it is a small investment and it is also very easy to use. Great choice for a low cost e-cig vape pen but maybe not an everyday vape.


Eversmoke Ecig Reviews 2015

The Ever Smoke e-cigarette brand is part of the VaporFi family of electronic cigarettes. VaporFi is known for some of the best e-cig technology on the planet. With that in mind, this Ever Smoke e-cig review began with high expectations.

The e-cig review process involved a series of tests to determine the quality of all of the components of the Ever Smoke Ultimate starter kit. Ever Smoke offers a number of e-cigarette starter kits but the Ultimate kit comes with the most batteries and cartridges as well as a portable charger pack. You can get a basic, lower cost kit from Ever Smoke, in fact I think the basic Ever Smoke starter kit is the absolute best e-cig value that you will find, but the inclusion of a portable charger pack brings a valuable asset to any e-cig starter kit.

Ever Smoke e-cigarettes really perform. I was impressed by the throat hit, flavors and consistency. The draw was very much like smoking a cigarette making the transition from smoking to vaping feel very natural. You can’t overestimate how important that is for smoker’s desperately seeking an answer.

Ever Smoke refill cartridges come in five different flavors and the tobacco flavor is actually very good. I also enjoyed the vanilla. Replacing cartridges is very easy and the overall ease of use is first rate. This is an ideal choice for a first e-cig or as a vast improvement to the junk that you find in retail stores. If you are considering an e-cig for a gift to a smoker, Ever Smoke would be a fantastic choice.

Ever Smoke has a wide range of products and they are a proven e-cigarette brand that you can trust and rely on.

Smoke Tip

Smoketip Smoketank Ecig Reviews 2015

Smoke Tip e-cigarettes are another example of an electronic cigarette brand that combines quality and value. The basic Smoke Tip e-cig is a proven performer that offers a large number of flavors and e-cig refill cartridges. As the industry has evolved, so have the demands of vapers. Smoke Tip has responded to the quest for more vapor, and more vapor control, by developing the Smoke Tip Smoke Tank.

My Smoke Tip Smoke Tank e-cig review began with an initial big surprise. I knew the Smoke Tank had an airflow control e-cig tank with dual coils. That’s great. Then I found out that the tank was constructed of high quality glass Pyrex. Also great. The kit comes with two batteries, also a nice surprise. I was impressed but none of those factors were my big surprise. That big surprise was the fact that I was able to buy the Smoke Tank kit with all of this, battery chargers, extra atomizers and e-liquid for less than $80 all in including delivery.

When the kit arrived, I was impressed by the size of the airflow chambers. It’s really unique. Before I stared vaping, I changed an atomizer just to see how user friendly the process was. It was easy. They made it very easy to swap out atomizers.

The vaping itself was very good. I tried the tobacco flavor which was really good. I can’t comment on the other flavors because tobacco e-liquid was the only one that I tried but I suspect that they would all be good as well. Smoke Tips e-cig cartridges flavors are very good so that is probably a safe assumption.

The e-cig battery life was pretty standard but the fact that they give you two batteries was a nice touch. There was a lot of vapor and the throat kick was great. Adjusting the airflow controls is easy and the e-cig was very responsive to changes. Very positive experience and great value for your dollar.

Smoketip Ecig Reviews 2015

If you go with Smoke Tip e-cigarettes as your choice then you might never have to buy another e-cigarette again. Smoke Tip is a rock solid performer with terrific value. Let’s get into it.

The Smoke Tip Kit sells for $59.00 with free delivery. The kit comes with two e-cig batteries, to battery chargers, five Smoke Tip e-cig cartridges and a box for storage. Overall pretty standard. You can probably find cheaper e-cig starter kits but where Smoke Tip really gives you incredible value is in the cost of e-cig refill cartridges.

It is the refill cartridges that represent the real long-term costs of any e-cigarette. Most cartridges cost about $2.50 to $3.00 each. Smoke Tip cartridges cost less than $2.00 each. Bonus: When you buy 30 e-cig refill cartridges, Smoke Tip will send you a new Smoke Tip e-cig battery for free. That’s why you may never have to buy another e-cig again. You will always have fresh batteries on hand.

Smoke Tip refill cartridges come in 20 plus flavor options and four different nicotine levels. The flavor variety is impressive and there is something there for everyone. You can also choose between hard and soft tip cartridges. Soft tip cartridges have a bit more natural feel, like when you smoke a cigarette. The hard tips are more durable and also more child resistant so if you have toddlers in the home I think it is safest to go with the hard tip, but if you don’t then the soft tips can add to the illusion of the sensation of smoking.

Smoke Tip is a great choice and is a recommended e-cig brand. If you are a heavier smoker, take note that Smoke Tip nicotine levels only go up to 16 mg which will probably not be enough for you. For more casual smokers, by all means, Smoke Tip is a great choice.

Blu Cigs

Blu Plus disposable e-cig tanks

The Blu Plus disposable e-cig tank system from Blu E-cig is now on store shelves everywhere as well as being available online. It is basically an e-cig tank system with a cigalike design and function. You do not manually refill the e-cig tank, you simply replace it with a new Blu Tank, just as you would a conventional e-cig refill cartridge.

You may have seen the TV commercials promoting the Blu Plus. The commercials promise a better flavor and more vapor than the original Blu Cigs e-cigarettes. After trying out the Blu Plus and going through 9 Blu tanks, I can say that the Blu Plus is an improvement over the previous Blu products but overall not as good as some of the other options available to you.

It is probably better than the other retail e-cig brands like Njoy, Vuse and Mark ten, but it does not measure up to what you are going to get out of Apollo, V2 or VaporFi.

The idea of a disposable e-cig tank may be a reaction to pending FDA e-cig regulation. If open tank systems are banned then a closed tank system like the Blu Plus may be the way of the future. It is an interesting idea whose time may come but for now, you have a lot of other options.

The Blu Plus is not bad by any stretch of the imagination, it is a solid product that is very well built. Blu Cigs also does flavors incredibly well. This is a fair product and Blu may be on to something.

Mark Ten

Mark Ten Xl Ecig Reviews. Read About Altria And NuMark's E-Vapor Devices

Mark Ten e-cigarettes are produced by tobacco giant, Altria. Altria knows full well that tobacco is fading and vaping is the future. They needed their own product to get on store shelves as soon as possible. The result is the Mark Ten E-Vapor device sold under the umbrella of Altria’s subsidiary – NuMark.

The Mark Ten has sold very well so far. It is a very small e-cig that features something called “Four Draw Technology.” That means that there are four airholes to draw from rather than one like most e-cigs.

The Mark Ten comes in very limited flavor and nicotine options. The problem is that when your entire strategy revolves around retail placement, you only have so much shelf space. They are really relying on the uneducated consumer who doesn’t know what else is out there and they want you to buy your e-cigs at the same stores where you bought cigarettes.

Mark Ten e-cigarettes do not have a very long battery life. The e-cig battery is so small it simply cannot store enough power to last the typical person more than a couple of hours. The flavors are okay but there are just so few options.

Overall, you are much better off going with a proven e-cigarette brand and buying online rather than going with something that Big Tobacco puts in front of you. Mark ten e-cigs have a long way to go to be competitive.

Vuse Vapor Ecig

Vuse Ecig Reviews Why Vuse Vapor Is Not The Best E-Cig Choice

Vuse is enjoying very strong sales thanks to being in more than 100,000 retail locations across the country. As our Vuse reviews point out, however, Vuse parent company has a lot to learn about vaping, the e-cig industry and what goes in to making a quality electronic cigarette.

The overall constriction and design of Vuse is fine. In fact, the twist and click e-cig refill cartridge is pretty cool. It is sturdy and doesn’t wear out. The price is decent, that is until you buy refill cartridges. refills will cost you $3.00 or more apiece which is well above average.

The Vuse e-cig batteries are lithium polymer rather than lithium ion. That means that Vuse needs a primer puff or two to get warmed up. The recharging of Vuse batteries has proven to be a problem for many customers including me. My Vuse battery did not take a third charge. Vuse may want to look at going with lithium ion batteries in the future.

The biggest issue with Vuse is the very high amount of nicotine. At 4.8 mg of nicotine, Vuse can be very harsh. A heavy, heavy smoker may enjoy it but the vast majority of people might actually make their nicotine addiction worse by vaping Vuse e-cigs.

With that nicotine content, lack of any other nicotine options and limited flavors, I cannot recommend Vuse. There are way too many better choices.

Best Ecig Tanks For 2015

Kangertech Sub Ohm Ecig Tank Review SubOhm Vaping Or Use As RBA

The Kanger SubTank is a big, bad, vapor machine. My impartiality as an e-cig review specialist was in fact for the first hour after opening the Kanger SubTank, but after using it for a while I was just an instant fan. I tried to find faults and pick out criticisms but overall it is just an amazing sub ohm e-cig tank that produces massive vapor.

If you know sub-ohm tanks then the million dollar question really is …. does the Kanger SubTank stack up to the Aspire Atlantis. Yes it does. Is it better? Well, they are both excellent. You will be happy with either one. Both perform very well and allow fine adjustments so you can get the vapor that you want.

The one advantage that the Kanger Subtank has is that it is easier to rebuild the atomizer. If RBAs are your thing then you might want to take a look at the Kanger Subtank. But like I said both are very good and represent probably the two best sub ohm tanks.

In summary, the Kanger Subtank is an excellent sub ohm e-cig tank. I recommend it and I am sure that you will enjoy it.

aspire atlantis 2 subohm tank

The Aspire Atlantis 2 is an updated version of the original Aspire Atlantis sub-ohm e-cigarette tank. The original Atlantis is an amazing vaping product that literally changed vaping forever. Suddenly, the massive vapor clouds that had been the exclusive domain of vapers willing to risk life and limb messing with complicated vaping devices were now available to anyone. Best of all, advanced sub-ohm vaping can now give you those massive vapor clouds with a regulated battery that keeps you in the safest ranges of vaping. The Aspire Atlantis basically made advanced vaping sane, fun, safer and accessible.

The Atlantis truly is technology moving vaping forward. The Aspire Atlantis 2 offers a few variations of the original that take another step increasing the marriage between technology and vaping.

There have been improvements to the airflow control and a new innovative feature actually cools the vapor as it is drawn through the drip tip. The Aspire Atlantis is still a great choice. But if you want to try the newest sub-ohm vaping tank with a few cool, new features, you have to give the Aspire Atlantis 2 a try.

Aspire Nautilus Tank Ecig Reviews. Read About The Game Changing E-Cig Tank

When the Aspire Nautilus came out, it had everyone talking. I bought one right away. Before writing my review, I had already been using it for six months. I know this product very well and it deserves all the hype that is has received.

I was asked to review the Aspire Nautilus and I noticed that Apollo eCig was selling the Aspire Nautilus for $35. That’s a lot less than I paid for it! Then again, I bought mine from a shop, rookie mistake on my part. You always get the best deals when you buy online.

Apollo now only has a great price on the Nautilus, but you can also save 15% with Apollo coupon code ECA15. That means you can get a genuine Aspire Nautilus for about $30. Notice I mention the word genuine, that is because there are a lot of fakes out there. Counterfeit e-cigarettes are becoming a problem. You need to stick to reputable companies like Apollo to make sure you are getting the genuine goods.

Back to talking about the Nautilus. There are a couple of key things that make the Nautilus special. First it has a revolutionary new coil system called BVC. BVC coils stands for “bottom vertical coils”. These coils vaporize more e-liquid and they do so very efficiently. BVC coils are what you might call a game changer.

The next thing that makes the Aspire Nautilus stand out is how incredibly well the adjustable airflow works. You can truly adjust your vapor production to your exact needs. There have been a million adjustable airflow tanks since but they are what you might call “pretenders”.

The Aspire Nautilus is 510 threaded and compatible with the majority of quality e-cig batteries on the market. Additionally, Apollo E-Liquid is a very good complement to the Aspire Nautilus. It is premium quality USA made e-juice that you are going to love. Apollo coupon code ECA15 also applies to e-juice purchases. Bottom line, I love the Aspire Nautilus, it is an awesome e-cig tank and I personally use it every day. It is a highly recommended e-cig tank.

The Nautilus Mini tank is the same quality but with less e-liquid capacity. The mini is great for someone who wants a smaller, more portable tank. Nautilus quality in a smaller package.

Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm Ecig Tank Review The Tank That Changed Vaping

The Aspire Atlantis was launched a few months back and since then it has been the hottest product on the e-cig market. Let me tell you why. You may have heard of the practice of ‘dripping’. Dripping exposed e-liquids to high heat and the vapor that results is massive. The resistance when dripping is less than 1 ohm so it really pulls a lot of power from the battery. The problem is that dripping is full of pitfalls and hidden dangers. Batteries overheat or blow up or the e-liquid is burnt to a point where it actually is not that safe. Still, people did it anyway in the quest for vapor. I was one of them.

The Aspire Atlantis is an innovative e-cig tank that makes clouds of vapor accessible to anyone. In a nutshell, the Atlantis makes sub-ohm vaping as easy as using a traditional e-cig tank system like an eGo vaporizer.

With the Aspire Atlantis all the hard work is done for you. You can relax and enjoy the vapor. You don’t have to worry about the safety issues that have plagued dripping.

You need to have an appropriate battery for sub ohm vaping, something that is capable of 15 Watts or more. The Aspire Atlantis is 510 threaded so once you have the right battery and right e-liquid, something with high VG content, you are ready to go.

The Atlantis really delivers as promised. The vapor production is amazing. It will satisfy any cloud chaser. If you think you are ready to try sub ohm vaping then I strongly recommend the Aspire Atlantis. You can pick up the entire Aspire Atlantis kit from Apollo eCig for less than $40. With Apollo coupon code ECA15, you can save even more.

Make sure to pick up some Apollo Max VG e-liquid to use with your Aspire Atlantis. You will want a high VG e-liquid and Apollo makes it better than anyone. You may have heard of DripTonic well Apollo Max VG is the new and better incarnation of DripTonic. It comes in a variety of great flavors, too.

Aspire Nautilus Bvc Coils Review The Heart Of The Best E-Cig Tank

Game changer. In the world of e-cigarettes and vaporizers you hear the term ‘game changer’ thrown around a lot. There have been a couple of actually game changing e-cigarette innovations and Aspire BCV coils are truly one of them.

Standard atomizer coils reside at the bottom of the tank and they have limitations. They are not the best at heating large sections of saturate materials and they are prone to flooding. Aspire BVC coils, bottom vertical coils, do not lay flat rather they stand vertically at the center of the tank and involve a larger center vape tube that invites more airflow.

Using gravity as an ally, Aspire BVC coils allow the heating coils to heat more surface area of a saturated wick, in this case organic cotton. That means more vapor. The quality of materials incorporated into the design of BVC coils results in a long-lasting, flavorful vapor experience.

Each Aspire BVC coils will comfortably vaporize about 20 ml to 30 ml of e-liquid before needing to be replaced. The coils themselves are very affordable and you can get a pack of five for $11 to $15. That is a great value. I recommend a 50 / 50 e-juice blend and like I said you should be able to vaporize 20 to 30 ml with a single BVC coil. That translates to three weeks of vaping or 10 to 14 days for heavier vapers. You never experience a burnt taste. Aspire BVC coils set the standard.

Beginners Guide To Vaping Helps You Get Started With E-Cigs
Getting started with e-cigs can be intimidating. If you are new to electronic cigarettes you will probably see vapers, that is people who vape on e-cigarettes rather than smoke, carrying around odd looking contraptions that look nothing like a cigarette. If you ask them about it, you will hear them break into an entirely new language throwing out words like, rebuildable attys, sob ohm tank, mech mod, and many more unfamiliar terms. Don’t worry, vaping has something for everyone. For the hard core vaping enthusiast and for you, too.

We’ll start with this. What is an electronic cigarette? An electronic cigarette is an electronic device that vaporizes liquid, called e-liquid, into vapor which you then inhale as an alternative to inhaling toxic cigarette smoke.

The fact that it vaporizes rather than burns eliminates the toxins that are generated when you burn tobacco. Electronic cigarettes go by many names. Many vapers prefer to call them “personal vaporizers” because really, they are nothing like cigarettes. They may also be called mods, vape pens, vaporizers and an assortment of other names.

The idea of an electronic cigarette has been around since the 1960s. Back then, an inventor named Herbert Gilbert patented an electronic cigarette that generated steam that the person could then inhale. It was in the 60’s that all illusions about cigarettes had been washed away and society finally confronted the ugly truth that cigarettes killed people. Cigarettes lead to a variety of diseases. The Surgeon General’s office began demanding cigarette health warnings.

Mr. Gilbert’s invention may have been an answer but an electronic device that would generate enough steam to mimic smoking never really got off the ground. E-cigarettes remained an idea until 2003.

In the 90’s and early 2000’s the world started to truly change. Cell phones and laptops became basic necessities for a larger percentage of the population. These devices were enabled by the advancement of battery technology, specifically lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries are capable of storing a lot of power in a small space and they are easily rechargeable. The ability to contain a lot of power in a small space basically enabled a functioning electronic cigarette to come to fruition.

In 2003 a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik built the first electronic cigarette. It looked and behaved like a tobacco cigarette and allowed the user to inhale their nicotine from a cleaner source than tobacco smoke. The first electronic cigarette contained the same basic components that today’s e-cigs do. A battery to supply power, an atomizer to convert the e-liquid into vapor and an e-cig cartridge that contained the e-liquid.

In 2006, the first electronic cigarettes were sold in the United States. The early e-cigs were a three-piece design that required you to attach the atomizer to the e-cig battery and then attach the e-cig cartridge to get the e-liquid to the atomizer. Now, that has been condensed into a two-piece design where the e-cig refill cartridge includes a disposable atomizer. Today, we call these a cigalike and they are the ideal product to get you started in vaping.

Today’s cigalikes are very good products. Many experienced vapers gave up on cigalikes a long time ago and they would be amazed by the quality of the cigalike e-cigarette starter kits that you can get today. They may not produce as much vapor as an advanced e-cig tank system but when you are starting out you need something that works, something that satisfies and a cigalike from a quality electronic cigarette brand like Ever Smoke, VaporFi, Halo, or V2 is going to make a difference for you.

vaporfi coupon code gives you a discount on the best e-cigs

There is a lot of junk out there. The e-cig brands that you see on the shelves of the same stores that sell cigarette are tempting but you need to avoid them. They are not that great and they offer you very few options. Most of them do not even disclose the nicotine content which is ridiculous.

If you were to start out with a starter kit like the V2 Ultimate Kit, for example, you will get a high quality, easy to use e-cig product. You will not have to mess with refilling e-liquid tanks or changing atomizers. You simply use it and when your e-cig cartridge is empty, simply unscrew it and attach a new one. That’s it.

Before you get started you do have to take care to choose the right nicotine level. Choosing the right nicotine level is very important to making the switch to e-cigarettes. If you are not getting the nicotine satisfaction that you need, you might end up going back to cigarettes and you don’t want that.

Choosing the right e-cigarette nicotine level:

2 Pack Per Day Smokers – If you are smoking two packs of cigarettes per day, or more, then you body is absorbing almost 50 grams of nicotine per day. The nicotine level in your bloodstream is going to be really high. You are going to need a nicotine level of at least 24 mg in order to satisfy those nicotine cravings. Even then, you might have to go to an even stronger nicotine level and that might involve going to an e-cig tank system. Start at 24 mg because it is always easier to add more later rather than starting too high and having to work your way back down.

Pack Per Day Smoker – If you are a pack per day smoker then an 18 mg nicotine level is the place to start. Many pack per day smokers also report that they required 24 mg in order to get the nicotine satisfaction that they needed. If you find this to be the case, you can always order 24 mg e-cig refill cartridges with the next order that you place but start at 18 mg, it might just do the trick!

Half Pack Per day Smoker – If you are at about a half a pack of cigarettes per day then a 12 mg nicotine level is where you want to start. If you feel like you need to go higher than that, 18 mg would be the next step but definitely start at 12 mg. Like we always like to remind people, when you are just starting out vaping it is easier to increase the nicotine level if you have to but what you don’t want to do is start to high and possibly run the risk of increasing your nicotine intake.

Casual Smoker – If you are a casual smoker, start with the lightest nicotine level, usually that is around 6 mg of nicotine.

The above gives you a brief summary of a place to start. The beauty of the e-cigarettes that are at the top of our ratings is that they all offer a variety of nicotine levels so you can find the e-cigarette that suits you specifically.

The flavor of e-liquid that you choose is a personal choice. Tobacco flavors are probably a good place to start but most people find that after a while the flavor of tobacco loses some appeal. Fortunately, there are a lot of flavors to choose from.

Today’s e-cigs also include e-cig tank systems that require you to manually refill the tank with e-liquid. Many of these are easy to use. Some of them have variable voltage or variable wattage and it is probably best to keep is simple at first. E-cig tanks systems like the Apollo Endeavor or the Halo Triton are easy to use. You do have to refill the tank with e-liquid manually and they are a bit bulkier but if you are inclined to start there, you will be just fine.

Ultimately, there is so much to choose from that it is all up to you. The best e-cigarettes that you can choose are listed here to help you make the best choice. To sum it all up in a couple of sentences, the easiest e-cigarette to use and the ones that most resemble smoking a cigarette are the cigalikes like the V2 EX series, the Halo G6, SmokeTip, EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke.

An easy to use tank system would be your next step. That is an ecig tank system where all you have to do is refill the tank with e-liquid from time to time. The Apollo Endeavor or Halo Triton are a couple of good examples.

If you want to fine tune your vaping, the VaporFi e-cig mods are a great choice and for sub-ohm, you have the VaporFi Vox II, the Kanger SubTank or the Aspire Atlantis as fantastic choices.

Electronic Cigarette Cartomizers And Tanks
When we talk about e-cig refill cartridges they are often also called cartomizers. A cartomizer is simply a hybrid of the words ‘cartridge’ and ‘atomizer’. Basically, a cartomizer is a cartridge and atomizer combined into one piece.

The advantages of cartomizers are the ease of use and the ability to more closely resemble smoking. If you are just starting out, using a cigalike / cartomizer e-cig allows you to mimic the same rituals and habits that you engaged in when smoking a cigarette. You can hold it between your two fingers and puff on it just like you would a tobacco cigarette.

Studies show that part of the addiction of smoking involves the habits that surround how and when you smoke cigarettes. A perfect example would be a cigarette with your morning coffee. If this is part of your habit then a cartomizer will feel and behave just like your cigarette.

Cigalikes are also very easy to use. You never have to replace an atomizer and you never have to mess around with e-liquid. It is a two piece, one step design. You simply attach the cartomizer to the e-cigarette battery and start vaping.

An e-cig tank system involves a tank, often called a clearomizer, that you manually fill with the e-liquid of your choice. The advantages of an e-cig tank are that you can enjoy a larger reservoir of e-liquid, you can attach an e-cig tank to a larger, more powerful e-cigarette battery, the costs can be lower over time and you can generally get more vapor.

Not all e-cig tanks are the same. E-cig tanks like the Halo Triton tank work exceptionally well but when the atomizer fails, you will have to buy a new tank. A new tank only costs $6.99 and you may go through one or two a month depending on your vaping habits. Overall the cost is not dissimilar to e-cig tanks with replaceable atomizers.

vaporfi coupon code gives you a discount on the best e-cigs

Many e-cig tanks like the Apollo Endeavor tanks (whichever tank you choose) come with replaceable atomizers. Depending on how much you vape, you will probably have to replace the atomizer every one to three weeks. The cost of new atomizers runs around the $2.00 a piece mark.

E-cig tanks offer a huge range of versatility should you choose to expand your vaping experience. You can often change the particular electrical resistance of your atomizer to customize your vapor. Variable voltage mods like the VaporFi Vox II with the Volt Hybrid tank allow you to change atomizers so you can switch from standard vaping to sub-ohm vaping.

Many vapers love airflow control e-cig tanks. These e-cig tanks, like the Aspire Nautilus, allow you to control the airflow. Changing airflow changes the draw, the combination of air vs vapor so you can really fine tune the vapor.

E-cig tanks can be more complicated but what they are really about is customizing your vaping. A lot of people start out with the easy to use e-cigarette and move on to advanced e-cig tanks in the quest for more vapor. We recommend that you start out simple. If you find that you want more vapor, you can always try some of the more advanced e-cigarettes later.

If you are already looking for more vapor and want that next level e-cigarette product, there has never been a better time. Advanced vaping has never been more accessible thanks to amazing products like the VaporFi Vox II, the Kanger SubTank and the Aspire Atlantis.

What is E-Liquid Or E-Juice
E-liquid is the liquid solution that is transformed into vapor by an e-cig / vaporizer / vape pen or whatever you want to call it. E-liquid also goes by many names for example e-juice, smoke juice, nicotine liquid etc. E-liquid is ultimately what you inhale when vaping on an e-cig. Understanding e-liquid is very important to your potential for making the switch to e-cigarettes and saying so long to tobacco.

If you are going to inhale something you are going to want to know what’s in it! When you inhale tobacco smoke you are inhaling the smoke from burning tobacco that has been treated with toxic chemical additives that create a deadly cocktail of smoke. When you heat e-liquid you are getting the vapor produced from 3 or 4 food grade ingredients. Impossible not to look at that fact and see why so many people are looking to e-cigs as an alternative.

What’s in e-liquid? E-liquid generally contains a solution comprised of propylene glycol, nicotine, water, and flavoring. Propylene glycol is the ingredient that leads to vapor. It is the same stuff that has been used in theatrical fog for many used and has been deemed safe for long term use by health organizations. Propylene glycol is a food grade additive that is used in pharmaceutical products, including asthma inhalers, it is used in cosmetics, foods and more. A lot more. The list is incredibly long.

Propylene glycol may have a sinister sounding name but in truth it is a daily part of our lives and has been so for the better part of a century. It is a know ingredient, there is nothing mysterious about it, It is one of those things that we are exposed to daily without even realizing it. It is considered to be safe and shows no signs of any connection to any long term health effects.

Let’s do an experiment. Take a look at your toothpaste and shampoo. Look at the ingredients. Chances are you are going to see propylene glycol. Propylene glycol has been a useful part of our lives for years and with the advent of e-cigs and vaping PG (propylene glycol) has been useful for millions of vapers who now vape instead of smoke.

Aside from propylene glycol, you are also going to find e-liquids that contain vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin, or VG, is also a food grade ingredient that has been recognized as safe. VG is known to be milder than PG and produces more vapor. The downside of VG is that many say that the throat hit, the sensation that you experience when you inhale something, is less present when you are vaping.

In today’s market, you are going to see a very large number of e-liquids that have some VG and some PG. In fact, many e-liquid brands allow you to choose the ratio of PG to VG in your e-liquid blend.

VG e-liquids are the favored, and necessary, choice for sub-ohm vaping. When exposing e-liquid to the levels of heat that you do when sub ohm vaping you need a max VG e-liquid to vape safely. PG is more apt to overheat and burn at high temperatures.

The nicotine in your e-liquid should be pharmaceutical grade and sourced from a recognized distributor. You have to be careful here. There are no regulations governing e-liquid right now and there is nothing to stop unqualified people from mixing e-juice in a garage somewhere and then selling it. You never know what you are going to get when you go with an unproven, untested e-liquid brand.

The best e-liquid brands all make it very clear what their ingredients are and where they get them. If you look at a brand like Halo eLiquid, they describe their e-liquid manufacturing process and tell you exactly where they get their ingredients. If any e-liquid brand is not fully transparent, move on to another. There is no reason to play Russian roulette with e-liquid when there are so many reputable, high quality options available.

VaporFi e-liquids is another great choice. They are 100 % transparent with their ingredients and they even allow you to customize your flavor blend. You are also going to get the best prices from these guys, too. When you buy online you can access the highest quality brands and get the best prices.

best price on halo ecigs with halo discount coupon code

The other ingredients that you find in e-liquid are the flavorings. The flavorings are food grade and there are a lot of choices! There is pretty much a flavor for every culinary experience you can imagine. There are endless flavor choices.

Many people like to start with a tobacco e-liquid flavor to help with the transition to vaping. Interestingly enough, more than half of vapers eventually transition to non-tobacco flavored e-liquids because in time they come to find the taste of tobacco to be unpleasant.

With e-liquids, choosing the flavor is subjective but choosing quality is something that you need to evaluate objectively. Choosing transparent, high quality e-liquid brands is crucial.

There are a lot of nicotine levels to choose from as well. If you are a pack per day cigarette smoker who chooses an e-liquid nicotine level of 1.2 % (or 12 mg) chances are you will not feel satisfied when vaping. Similarly, if you are a light smoker and you stop by a 7 11 and pick up a Vuse e-cig, all Vuse e-cigs have 4.8% nicotine (that’s 48 mg), you are going to find it harsh because that’s a lot more nicotine than you will be used to! Just another reason why you should avoid the e-cigs that they sell in retail stores.

A pack per day smoker should start at 18 mg and then more to 24 mg if necessary. Heavier smokers should start at 24 mg and they will probably find that that works for them. Keep your nicotine as low as possible and work up if need be. If you are wondering where to start do not hesitate to e-mail E-Cigarette Answers. Our e-mails are answered by vapers from all over the country who really want to help and will be more than happy to talk about what worked for them and offer some suggestions.

You should also feel free to ask e-cig and e-liquid companies about their products. Know about the e-liquid that you are inhaling.

Ultimately, as mentioned, e-liquid is made of a few food grade ingredients that is heated to a point where it becomes vapor and tobacco is full of contaminants and is burned which produces 7000 plus chemicals. The math is pretty clear. Good luck in choosing the e-liquid and e-cig that will be a game changer in your life!

Ecig And Mod Batteries 18650 Batteries
E-cig batteries are perhaps the biggest reason that the e-cig industry came to life in the first place. Converting propylene glycol into vapor has been around for a long time in theater productions. The problem is that a theatrical fog maker is a bulky piece of equipment. The ability to make a portable power source that carries enough power to heat an element and generate vapor from e-liquid is thank to the advancement of battery technology, specifically lithium ion batteries.

Lithium ion batteries have enabled laptops, tablets and cell phones. Basically, lithium ion batteries have mobilized our society and now that same technology forms the foundation of e-cigarettes and vaping. Prior to lithium ion batteries an e-cig would conceivably be possible but it would be far too big to be practical.

With lithium ion batteries at the heart of the matter it is very important to make it clear that not all lithium ion batteries are the same. The quality of a lithium ion battery is dependent of the purity of the lithium.

There are varying grades of lithium. The higher the purity, the more expensive. When a battery outputs power, the charged ions pass from the lithium through an electrolyte. If there are impurities in the lithium, or in the electrolyte, the transfer of charged particles can be inconsistent and very inefficient.

If you are using a rechargeable e-cigarette, the quality becomes even more important because the passage of charged ions needs to work both ways. The less reputable, lower quality e-cig brands use the cheapest components that they can get their hands on. Ironically, just because the use cheaper stuff does not mean that they sell their e-cigs cheaper. It is very important to go with a proven e-cig brand because you can trust the battery quality.

Some brands, like Vuse for example, have tried to use a lithium polymer battery to operate an e-cig. The problem is that lithium polymer batteries have less energy density and can actually take some time to warm up before they become fully capable of delivering their potential output. At the end of the day, lithium polymer is a technology that has been around since the 70s and seems less suitable to the needs of an e-cigarette.

Today, e-cigarette batteries come in all shapes and sizes. Most of the time you will see a battery labeled 180 mAh, 650 mAh etc. mAh stands for milliampere hour. The more mAh the more capacity that a battery has. When you are looking at an e-cig battery, a battery with a higher mAh value is likely to last longer than one with a lower value.

The other side of that coin is the fact that a higher mAh battery is also larger than a lower mAh battery. Some people want a small, compact battery for portability in which case going with a lower mAh is the better option. Some people want something that will last them a long time between recharges, in that case a higher mAh is better.

The most common first electronic cigarette that people use is a cigalike, the type of e-cig / vaporizer that looks like a cigarette. Most cigalike batteries are rated at 180 mAh to 250 mAh. If you are vaping on a regular basis, at the same rate as a pack per day smoker, then you will probably need two fully charged cigalike ecig batteries to get through a typical day.

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Ecig tanks or mods use larger batteries and refillable tanks. Mods were developed in order to enable a larger battery, more eliquid and more vapor. A standard mod battery is 650 mAh which is usually more than enough for a full day of vaping.

Mod and e-cig batteries have been getting larger and more powerful as vaping has moved forward. Now, variable voltage and variable wattage e-cig batteries are very popular.

In order to safely use a variable voltage, VV, or variable wattage, VW, e-cig, it is best to have an idea what you are doing. The resistance of the heating coil has to work in conjunction with your power output otherwise you run the risk of overheating your eliquid.

Probably the most popular battery that is used in high power e-cigs is the 18650 lithium ion battery. Some mods, called mech mods, do not have any microprocessor technology regulating the battery output. This can be dangerous and you do not want to go the route of a mech mod and you don’t need to either. The e-cigs of today can give you as much vapor as any mech. Best to vape safe.

An 18650 battery in a quality VV / VW e-cig vaporizer gives you ample power but with built in safety features to prevent overheating. Thanks to advances in e-cig tank technology, even people who want the most massive, insane clouds of vapor can get it safely without an unregulated power output.

Current e-cig technology has made getting satisfying vapor easier than ever. Today’s cigalikes are much better than the ones from a few years ago and when you buy, for example, a V2 EX series start kit you will get great vapor, quality and performance. The same goes for South Beach Smoke, the Halo G6, EverSmoke and SmokeTip. Just stay away from the convenience store brands.

A high quality mod with a 900 mAh battery like the Apollo Endeavor provides a terrific experience and offers excellent quality and amazing long-term value.

If you want clouds of vapor, a VV VW vaporizer like the powerful but easy to use VaporFi Rocket will give you the clouds that you are looking for without the hassle of dealing with a lower quality mod or a mech.

That’s a bit of background into e-cig batteries and the big takeaway here is that quality counts above all. In the e-cig industry, like everything else, you generally get what you pay for but be careful, many lower quality e-cig brands charge premium prices for junk. Stick with the top ranked e-cigs as chosen by our reviewers from across the country.

E-cigarette And Mod Chargers
A few years ago, disposable e-cigarettes were very popular. For many experienced vapers, a disposable e-cig was their first exposure to vaping and the possibilities. Now, disposables represent a much smaller portion of the vaping business as rechargeable e-cig starter kits have taken off and offer a much better long term value.

Lithium ion batteries, especially the high quality e-cig batteries, are capable of being charged, drained and recharged continually. Like every battery, there is a life-span but you can get a lot of value out of a high quality e-cigarette battery.

The e-cigarette companies that have made the top of our ratings all arrived there because they definitely use quality components. If you want to make sure that you are getting excellent battery quality, just stick to the leading e-cig brands and stay far away from the junk they are peddling in the same stores where you buy cigarettes.

The reason that better quality batteries with higher purity lithium and electrolyte last longer and work better is because charged ions are able to pass more freely back and forth. Imagine a lower quality lithium that is full of impurities well those impurities are going to interfere with the transition of the charged particles. No good.

E-cig batteries come in huge assortment of shapes, sizes and styles. Cigalike and mod style batteries are usually contained with the body of the e-cigarette itself and can be recharged by using a USB, car or wall charger.

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Some of the advanced e-cigs use separate batteries, most commonly the 18650 lithium ion battery. The 18350 is also a popular option. The 18650 and 18350 are charged separately on a battery charger. You will probably have to buy these components separately unless you buy from the very best e-cig companies like VaporFi. For example the VaporFi Rebel 2 starter kit comes with everything including both an 18650 and an 18350 battery with a battery charger.

You now have a large number of choices from variable voltage and variable wattage batteries. These batteries allow you do determine the battery output. If you want a bit more vapor, you can turn up the power. If you want less, just turn it down. Variable voltage and variable wattage e-cig batteries add another customizable element to vaping.

When dealing with e-cig batteries it is very important that you use them as directed and charge them with an appropriate charger. Just because you can fit a charger and e-cig together does not necessarily mean that they are compatible. Use the right battery with the right charger.

What Are Ecig Mods Are They Different Than E-Cigs
A lot of folks ask us “what is an e-cig mod?” Today, a mod usually refers to an e-cig tank system like the Halo Triton for example. The terminology in the vaping world is very fluid and there are no real absolutes. E-cigs, mods, APVs, they all convert e-liquid to vapor so that’s the main thing.

There is a history to mods that might help you understand. Back in 2007 – 2008 the only e-cigarettes that you could get were cigalikes. Cigalikes today are amazing but those early cigalikes had a lot of limitations. People wanted more.

E-cig mods originally came about because vapers wanted more vapor than they were getting from cigalikes. They found that they could get more vapor by increasing the battery output from a larger, more powerful battery. That’s exactly what they did. The first mods were homemade contraptions that connected a larger battery to the ecig cartridge.

It was a ‘modified’ e-cig hence a MOD. With a larger battery attached to an e-cig cartridge there was more vapor but an e-cig cartridge has only 1 ml of e-liquid. With the more powerful battery vapers were going through 1 ml of e-liquid within as little as an hour. The next step was to create an e-cig tank that attached to a larger battery. The industry responded with eGo style e-cigarettes.

The eGo was a tank that you could manually refill with any e-liquid and attached to a battery that had 300% more capacity than your typical cigalike battery. Mods and eGo became synonymous as most e-cigarette brands diversified into ecig tank systems of various names. The Big Tobacco e-cig brands are not making e-cig tank systems and are working to having them banned even though they now comprise 50% of the market.

Advanced Vaping Is Available To All E-Cig Users
Advanced vaping covers a huge range of vaping styles. Electronic cigarettes are technology, not a tobacco product. They do vaporize nicotine but they have more in common with advanced technical gadgets like GPS and cell phones than they do with tobacco products. As a result, they can take on different styles and forms to suit the wishes of individuals.

Vapers are a passionate, intelligent community of people who understand technology. We have seen some very innovative designs in the quest for more vapor. Many of these designed have been spearheaded by the ‘cloud chasers’.

Cloud chasers want as much vapor as possible. In fact, producing huge vapor clouds has become a competitive sport. If you talk to a cloud chaser, they would not touch a cigarette with a ten foot pole but the pursuit of massive vapor clouds is a driving force.

A few years ago, designed advanced personal vaporizers, or APVs began in earnest. One of the most popular methods was dripping. Dripping most often involved using a mech mod with a rebuildable atomizer deck, or RDA.

Vapers could build their own atomizer decks by wrapping their own coils with the element of their choosing. Kanthal wire has become the leading choice for RDA coil because of its ability to resist heat. Some coil materials are not suitable to vaping because metallic particles might also be vaporized at higher heat.

Using RDAs with mech mods has some downsides. A mech mod has not internal battery regulation. That means that you can expose the coils and eliquids to extreme heat that would actually unleash trace amounts of toxins in the vapor. Vaping safely with a mech mod and RDA takes some knowledge and skill.

Today, the landscape has changed. Cloud chasers can get all of the vapor that they can handle and then some thanks to vaporizers that are technologically advanced and have built in safeguards to help avoid burning coils and e-liquids.

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Much of this is thanks to the trend of sub ohm vaping and the development of sophisticated yet easy to use sub ohm tanks like the Aspire Atlantis or the Kanger SubTank.

The Aspire Atlantis made advanced vaping accessible to anyone. The Kanger SubTank does the same. Both of these sub ohm tanks are functional with compatible batteries that operate best in Wattage. That’s because variable wattage automatically adapts to the resistance of the atomizer. With variable voltage you need to be aware of the atomizer resistance and set the voltage accordingly. Still, even then most VV, variable voltage, vaporizers are capped at 6.0 volts to keep us in the safer vaping ranges.

Advanced vaping used to be something left to only experienced vapers with intimate knowledge of battery and vaporizer technology. Today, the advanced ecig products have evened out the field and now advanced vaping is accessible to anyone.

Take a look at an ecig like the VaporFi Vox 50 mod. The Vox, now the Vox 2 actually, operates with either regular vaping, which in itself provides huge vapor, but it can also go sub ohm if you want or even work as a dripper RDA setup. Advanced vaping is now wide open for all.

You hear a lot of references in vaping classifying beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Make sure not to get caught up in all of that. Those terms refer more to the devices being used and have nothing to do with the user. In other words, don’t feel some competitive urge to get to advanced vaping because it is just a name. If you are happy with a product and it is working for you, that’s all that really counts.

E-Cigarette Safety Are E-Cigarettes Safe
E-cigarette safety is a hot button issue. The media is always looking for scary stories and most of the fear mongering about electronic cigarettes is trash and agendas. That does not mean that there are no concerns. Vapers do have responsibilities to pay attention to e-cig safety matters.

E-liquid safety is probably the main concern that we have to be aware of. Like anything, in high dosages nicotine can be dangerous, especially to children. Treat your e-liquid like a medication. If there are kids in the house, make sure your e-liquids are not accessible.

Store them out of reach and in a cool, dark place to preserve them better.

E-cig batteries should always be charged on the proper charger. Mismatching chargers and batteries can not only destroy your battery and charger but could potentially be a fire hazard.

Always use e-cigarettes as directed by the manufacturer. You don’t want to void the warranty and your sure don’t want to create any potential hazards. Whenever you see a news story about an e-cigarette incident or trace contaminants in vapor you will always be able to trace the incident back to either disreputable manufacturers or misusing e-cig products.

Be safe with your e-liquid choices. There is no regulation right now meaning that anyone can blend e-liquid, put it in a bottle and then sell it. Many of today’s e-liquids are not professionally blended by qualified chemists. Regulation will be here soon but right now anything goes when it comes to selling e-liquid.

Always, always buy e-liquid from reputable e-cig companies like Halo and VaporFi along with our other recommended e-cig brands. Just to give you an example, VaporFi, Apollo eCigs and Halo are 100% transparent with their e-liquid ingredients and blending processes. They have lab processes that meet the highest standards. Companies like Vuse, do not disclose ingredients.

This is easy, stick with our highly rated e-cig companies and you will be in good hands.

Vape safe!